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An Accurate Moisture Meter is an Essential Tool for Every Restoration Job

When called to investigate a water damaged site, the first step is assessing the moisture infiltration and separating good materials from bad. An essential tool for restoration in an accurate moisture meter.

However, measuring moisture accurately is not as easy as pushing pins into the material or scanning the surface with a pinless moisture meter. While working on-site the inspector will come across many different materials from different wood floor species to different floor coverings, to drywall, to OSB sub floors and more. The mini-Ligno S/DC and the Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter are set-up to measure all of these different materials. Where drywall is concerned, the meters have calibrations for standard drywall, water resistant backer board, interior and exterior wall boards.

With 40 years of research and development, Lignomat moisture meters have a good reputation for being accurate, high-performing, sturdy and competitively priced. When we talk about accuracy and consistency, we mean that each meter gives the same readings, when measuring the same materials today, tomorrow and in a year. When we talk about sturdiness, we mean the units are made from high quality materials, proven to withstand the harsh conditions of an industrial environment. One extra benefit, the LED lights on the mini-Ligno S/DC have a life-time warranty, they are virtually unbreakable.


Mini-Ligno S/DC: Moisture range for wood is 6-45%, with built-in corrections for softwoods, hardwoods and panel product. 3 separate drywall calibrations and a reference scale for concrete is also included. The S/DC comes with 2 sets of pins for 5mm and 10mm measuring depth. If the pins are too short to reach the area to be measured, the Slide-hammer Electrode E12 with 2” long pins or the Inspector Electrode with ¾” and 7” long pins can be connected.

Ligno-VersaTec: Pin, Pinless and RH Meter
Moisture range for pin mode: 5-99%
Moisture range for pinless: 5-30% (estimates up to 60%)
Dual-depth: measures 7 and 20mm deep
Multiple material calibrations for both modes pin and pinless:
150 wood species groups, bamboo, engineered floors, drywall …

For the Ligno-VersaTec: Using pin and pinless mode side by side: High and low moisture areas are easily found by scanning the surface. Selectable depth 7mm and 20mm allows comparing moisture close to the surface and deeper down. Once a problem has been detected, a pin electrode can be used for further investigation. Slide-hammer Electrode E12 is for wood up to 50mm deep. Inspector Electrode E14 is indestructible and can be hammered into hard materials. The ergonomic shape fits into tight places such as corners, around pipes and other hard to reach places. To have the essential tool for restoration we recommend purchasing the V24-M package




tool for restoration job mini-Ligno SD/C moisture meter

mini-Ligno SD/C connected to cables for long term evaluation of a leak site moisture content S-10 package


Ligno VersaTec moisture meter for restoration takes care of all you moisture meter needs

Ligno-VersaTec: moisture meter for all your restoration needs. We recommend the V24-M package


restoration accessories to measure moisture in all building materials


Ligno VersaTec moisture meter accessories for measuring all different types of building materials