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Engineered Floors – Laminated Panels

Measuring a cupped engineered floor after it has dried out, may show a perfectly good moisture content of 7%. The only indication that the top layer must have had a higher moisture content at some previous time, is the noticeable cupping. To save precious hardwoods and create more affordable products, engineered floors and laminated panels […]

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The Challenge of Hardwood Floors

When a once beautiful hardwood floor all of a sudden shows defects, changes in wood moisture are most likely the reason. Even small changes of moisture in hardwood floors can have a large impact, when hundreds of boards are laid side by side. Common Causes for Moisture Problems – Floor planks were not dry at […]

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Shrinking, Warping and Perfect Boards

How much or how little a piece of wood shrinks, depends on the wood species, orientation of growth rings and changes in moisture content.   Differences between Wood Species: Some species such as Oak, Beech and Hickory shrink more than Teak, Mesquite and Cedar. To find the shrinkage factors for different wood species, check the […]

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Moisture Problems and Helpful Hints

Nobody would worry about moisture problems in wood, sheetrock and other building materials, if it would not be for: — Shrinking, warping and cupping of wood-based products — Deterioration from mold and related health hazards Choose your topic of interest from the list below: What Causes Wood Moisture Problems? Shrinking, Warping, Cupping and the Perfect […]

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