Package S-10


Everything can be measured from veneers to lumber to logs, from wet to dry, from flat boards to round or oddly shaped pieces. Package S-10 allows instant measurements spot-by-spot with pins at the mini-Ligno S/DC and monitoring of remote, hard to reach areas with extension cables. This works for short and long-term monitoring, during repairs and afterwards for leak surveillance.

Too much moisture, undetected for a prolonged time can cause severe damage to a building. Detection is the first step in prevention.


The mini-Ligno S/DC moisture meter has a wide moisture range and calibrations for softwood, hardwood, panel products as well as drywall, wall boards and other building materials.

Once cables/pins are installed, measurement can be taken at any time to check progress in drying after water damage or to check if a problem re-occurs later-on. Add EL pins to reach any depth up to 7″ deep.

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zz-Packages with Inspect Electrode E14

Packages with Inspect Electrode E14 Electrode E14 is the right tool for tracking moisture in walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, roofs, crawl spaces, in areas, where moisture is hiding behind the surface. Used by contractors, inspectors, restoration and maintenance crews. Slim shape allows for measuring in corners, under baseboards, around window sills, behind wall cavities.. Pins […]

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Lignomat Kiln Control Division

Lignomat Kiln Control Division   Quality products with lifetime customer support. We work directly with all dry kiln manufacturers and interface with nearly every type of dry kiln new and existing. Our livelihood is your kiln control system, our support, flexibility and adaptation is second to none. Lignomat’s prices are extremely competitive because we are […]

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Package V4-10S


For anyone who wants to keep close tabs on moisture conditions during water damage repairs and building maintenance. Hand probe allows spot-checking. Cables / pins and RH probe with RH cable allow monitoring moisture and humidity in hard to reach areas during and after repairs. For short-term and long-term monitoring.


Pin – pinless – RH: When every job is different, the Ligno-VersaTec is the most versatile meter, all-in-one. It measures moisture in a wide range of materials and in relative humidity of air (with RH BluePeg probe). Offers fast scanning across surfaces and accurate measurements with the pin electrode E14-V up to 7″ deep.

Once cables/pins are installed, taking measurements at different times in the same location clearly shows if drying is progressing as expected or if a new problem is occurring. Add EL pins to reach up to 7″ deep.

Another option: Adding the Slide-hammer electrode E12 for measuring structural lumber and wood floors with insulated pins up to 2″ deep.

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Electrode E14-m

The Electrode E14-m is used with mini-Ligno DX/C, S/DC and MD/C when the integral pins at the meter cannot reach deep enough to track moisture in walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, crawl spaces. Used by contractors, floor installers, inspectors, restoration and maintenance crews.

The slim shape allows for measuring in corners, under baseboards, around window sills, behind wall cavities. Pins are available to measure up to 7″ deep.

The electrode handle can be extended for easily measuring ceilings without ladders or carpets without crouching.

Measuring hard materials: E14-m and EG pins are built strong enough to be hammered into hard materials such as hard wood, composite panels, strand bamboo and even concrete, when it is too hard to push the mini-Ligno pins into the material.

Pins for Electrode E14-m:
teflon-coated EG and EL pins
un-coated EA, EC, EV pins

Electrode E14-m comes with 1 pair teflon-coated EG pins 3/4″ and cable
to connect to mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC, DX/C.

Select Electrode E14-V to use Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K.

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Mini-Ligno E/D - Moisture Meter for Flooring

mini-Ligno E/D

This compact rugged moisture meter is a perfect fit for many applications, in a shop, at home or in any industrial application.

The mini-Ligno E/D has a wide measuring range from 6-45%. Low enough for woodworking, cabinet making or wood floors. High enough for wood turning, pallets, drying wood, testing firewood and building maintenance. Two wood group corrections are built in to measure softwoods, hardwoods, panel products or veneer.


The E/D pin moisture meter has received the “woodworkers tested seal of approval” for being well-made, easy to use and accurate. mini-Lignos are built to last for a life time of woodworking.

The E/D has been the meter of choice for beginning as well as experienced woodworkers. Use this reliable pin moisture meter, don’t take chances on working with wet wood. Moisture can cause the most beautiful table to crack, the best floors to cup and glue lines to fail. Even worse, moisture defects are irreversible.

Proven quality – at an affordable price.

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Mini-Ligno S/D - Drywall Best Moisture Meter

mini-Ligno S/D

The mini-Ligno S/D is a moisture  meter measuring wood and building materials. It is the meter of choice for home inspectors, floor installers, architects, contractors, painters and home owners as well as restoration professionals and building maintenance crews.

The meter has a wide moisture range for wood from 6-45% and comes with 6 settings to measure:
Softwood, hardwood, wood floors and panel products (%)
Gypsum, drywall and wall boards (%) 
Reference scale for laminates and building materials such as concrete, brick, …

The measuring depth of the mini-Ligno S/D is 7/16″. If you need to measure deeper to reach water damaged areas in the building envelope, choose the mini-Ligno S/DC with electrode E14 (up to 7″) or add the electrode E12 for depth measurements (up to 2″).

When dealing with moisture problems in buildings, measuring moisture should be the first and the last step . Having a meter on hand is important even after repairs are done. Periodic check-ups with a moisture meter make sure problems are not re-occurring.

– View info about mold –

This high quality meter offers great reliability at affordable prices.


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Mini-Ligno S/DC - Measure Moisture in Drywall

mini-Ligno S/DC

The mini-Ligno S/DC is set-up to measure moisture in wood and panel products as well as drywall, gypsum and other building materials. Because of this dual-purpose, the meter is used in the flooring, construction, maintenance, home inspection and restoration industry. Even home owners can make good use of the meter when tracking moisture problems or for periodic check-ups to see if a leak has been permanently fixed.

mini-Ligno S/DC has a moisture range from 6-45% and 6 built-in settings to measure:

Softwood, hardwood, wood floors and panel products (%)
Gypsum drywall and wall boards (%) (same as mini DX/C)
Reference scale for laminates and building materials such as concrete, brick, …

Maximum measuring depth with built-in pins is  measure 7/16″. Inspectors can add electrode E14-m to track moisture behind walls up to 7″ deep (EIFS). Depth electrode E12 (up to 2″ deep) can be added to measure sub floors without removing any floor planks. Remote cables are available for surveillance of problem areas. (S-10)
– Click here for info on mold. –

The S/DC guarantees accuracy and reliability when assessing moisture and mold problems. 

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