Package S2-M


Depth measurements: When moisture hidden behind the surface need to be tracked. For wood, wood-based panels and soft building materials in flooring, inspection, construction, maintenance and restoration applications. With insulated pins, dry material can be measured even behind a wet surface.

Used when the integral pins of the mini-Ligno S/DC are not reaching deep enough to diagnose the full extend of a moisture problem: To determine the depth of moisture infiltration in roofs, attics, crawl spaces, etc. To reach sub floors without removing floor planks and to measure structural lumber behind drywall and other wall coverings.


The mini-Ligno S/DC moisture meter measures soft wood, hard wood and panel products, gypsum, drywall, wall boards and other building materials including concrete.

Using the Electrode E12 allows pin pointing moisture distribution from the surface to 2″ deep.  Teflon coated pins measure only at the tip. Slide hammer allows inserting and removing pins easily.

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Product Description

Package S2-M

Undetected moisture causes problems in wood and wood products as well as in moisture sensitive building materials. The S/DC with E12 can be used for wood, drywall and other soft building materials. Can measure sheetrock. The moisture meter with slide hammer electrode is the best tool to measure accurate moisture levels up to a depth of 2”. 

The package S2-M consists of:

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The moisture meter of your choice, the mini-Ligno S/DC is a perfect meter for construction, restoration professionals and building maintenance. The meter has pins and a connector built-in for external electrodes or cables for monitoring hard-to-reach areas. Features are a wide measuring range 6-45% and correction settings for hardwood, softwood, panel products, gypsum, drywall and different types of wall boards. A reference scale is included for non-wood materials such as plaster, insulation, concrete…

The integral pins at the mini-Ligno can measure 7/16” deep. When the pins cannot reach the core of the wood, a fresh cut can be made to measure the end grain for core measurements. If cutting the material is not feasible, use the Electrode E12.

Electrode E12: The E12 is designed to measure from the surface to 2″ deep (with DB pins). All E12 pins are insulated and measure only at the tip. The slide hammer helps inserting and removing the pins. As pins are hammered into the material, consecutive readings show the moisture distribution within the material at every depth level the pins are driven to. The ability to measure a moisture gradient is one of the main reasons for our customers to use the electrode E12.

Wood: Taking numerous readings as pins are inserted, indicate if a moisture gradient exists or if the wood is dry throughout the core. Making sure wood is evenly dried is the best assurance for quality wood products. The thicker the wood, the more important core readings become. When inspecting wood floors, using the E12 gives you a tool to assess moisture distribution through floor planks into the sub floor without having to remove any floor planks. Using the electrode E12 with insulated pins guarantees measuring accuracy at a defined depth from surface to core.

Restoration: The moisture in structural components even behind wall coverings can be checked with the electrode E12. When assessing water damage, the pins of the E12 can be driven to different depth levels and thus indicate how far water has been absorbed or if there is still residual moisture inside the structure after drying. Insulated pins can measure dry material behind wet surfaces. Recommended to add inspect electrode E14-m, see below.

E12 pins are teflon-coated to only measure at the tip. This is important to determine if a moisture gradient exists from a dry surface towards to wet core, but it is equally important to be able to measure through a wet surface to determine how far moisture has been absorbed and at what depth the material stayed dry.

The electrode E12 comes with 1 pair each of 1″ pins and 1 pair of 1.5″. The 2″ long pins need to be ordered separately.

– DZ Pins insulated, measuring depth 1”
– DA Pins insulated, measuring depth 1.5”
– DB Pins insulated, measuring depth 2” (order separately)

Add-on Electrode E14-m:

  • We recommend adding the electrode E14-m, if the round head of the E12 cannot reach the area to be measured or if measurement should reach deeper than 2″. (Package S24-M)  The slim shape of the electrode allows for checking around pipes, below window sills, in wall corners, places where round electrodes or built-in pins from moisture meters cannot reach. With the E14-m you can truly track moisture wherever it hides. Adding the 7″ long EL pins enables you to reach through insulation or under baseboards into structural components. Great for EIFS inspections.
  • The E14-m with EG pins has proven to be strong enough to withstand hard pounding on top of the electrode handle when measuring hard materials even concrete. 

Add-on cables to monitor:

We offer cables, screws, pins and probes to monitor hard-to-reach areas in buildings. Long term leak surveillance is possible with cables after the walls are closed up and places are not accessible for measurements with hand meters any longer.


If your job asks for assessing moisture infiltration in buildings, you have more choices of products to use:

  •  If you are measuring a lot of different wood species, the package D-2M with mini-Ligno DX/C could be a better fit for you. The DX/C has multiple corrections built-in to measure domestic and tropical wood species.
  • Dual-depth pinless meters from Lignomat allow measuring flat surfaces up to 1/4″ and 3/4″ deep, finding areas of wet versus dry quickly.
  • V2-M package, combines advantages of pin and pinless measuring technology. Pinless mode allows a quick scan to detect dry and wet areas. Pin mode allows depth measurements.
  • Infrared cameras are fast in giving an overall picture of moisture accumulations. However, how deep the moisture reaches or if there is still residual moisture behind the surface can only be measures with a pin meter.

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Package Includes

Mini-Ligno S/DC

mini-Ligno S/DC
The S/DC comes with green cap, strap, 9V battery, 2 sets of pins for 3/16″ and 7/16″ measuring depth, manual, laminated species card in a pouch with belt loop.

The S/DC has 6 correction settings built-in.
— 2 for softwood, hardwood and panel products
— 3 for wall board, water resistant, interior and exterior
— 1 reference scale

Electrode E12

Electrode E12

is equipped with a slide hammer to insert and extract the teflon-coated pins. A BNC connector is mounted at the electrode head to connect the cable.
Incl. 1 pair each DA pins (1.5″) and DZ pins (1″ measuring depth)

mini-BNC Cable

mini-BNC Cable connects Electrode E12 to
mini-Ligno S/DC
standard length 3ft, optional 6ft

Case M

Case M
The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit meter and Electrode E12 and RH Accessories