BNC Cable

BNC cable connects electrode E12  to:
–Lignometer K

BNC cable comes in a standard length of 3 ft (0.9m). As an option you can choose 6ft (1.8m).

If a cable is needed to connect the electrode E12 to a mini-Ligno C model, click here to order the mini-BNC cable.

Item Number: BNC

Starting at $24.50

Product Description

Lignomat uses BNC cables to make the connection between electrode E12 (E10) and the Ligno-VersaTec or Lignometer K moisture meters. Lignomat’s BNC cables are selected for their high quality and their ability to accurately transfer measured values from the electrode head to the meter. The BNC cable is built with a flexible easy-to-work-with coaxial cable.

One of the BNC connectors fits the electrode E12.
The other BNC connector fits the Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K moisture meter.

BNC cables comes in a standard length of 3 ft (0.9m) or optionally 6ft (1.8m) long.

BNC cable connect Electrode E12 to:
— Ligno-VersaTec
— Lignometer K

If you want to check the performance of the cable, connect the cable but not the electrode to the meter and push READ. The lowest possible value with “Min” should appear on the meter, which means the cable does not add a measurable value even in the low measuring range. To check continuity of the cable, put your thumb on the open cable end and take a reading, measured values should be over 12%.

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