Pinless Meter: Ligno-Scanner SDM

The Ligno-Scanner SDM is one our most popular pinless meters used mainly in the flooring and restoration industry. It is a dual-depth meter with 1/4″ and 3/4″ measuring depth.

The meter is set up to measure domestic and tropical hardwoods, engineered products, panel products, subfloors, bamboo and drywall.  Reference scales are available to evaluate moisture levels in other materials including concrete, stone and tile. 

In the restoration industry, the Ligno-Scanner SDM is used to scan quickly to find high and low moisture areas, but also for accurate wood moisture measurements in floors and other wood products.

All pinless meters are set up to indicate moisture in wood in percent. Choose the Scanner for measuring depth 1/4″ and/or 3/4″ and additional materials besides wood you want to measure.