Info Monitors with Cables and Wireless

We offer moisture meters, data loggers and wireless transmitters as measuring devices to monitor acclimation and drying processes or for leak protection and building surveillance. You can select from a wide range of probes, pins, screws and customized cables to reach the area, where you need to measure.

All measuring devices use the same probes, pins, screws and cables. After pins and cables are installed measurements can be obtained by connecting a moisture meter or automatically by recording the measured values on a data logger or a PC.

There are many different situations, where one of our monitors could be helpful. Call 1-800-227-2105 or Email to and we help you find the right solution.  


See below Monitoring Systems with:

  • Moisture Meters
  • On-site Data Loggers
  • Wireless Transmitters with remote PC

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Monitors with Moisture Meters

For In-Kiln and Wood

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 Adding cables and PK probes allows to monitor drying in all sizes and types of lumber dry kilns from solar to dehumidification to conventional steam kilns. Works in dry kilns, pre-dryers, air drying facilities and during warehousing of lumber. No need to enter a hot kiln when using Lignomat’s in-kiln monitoring systems. 

PK Probes can also be used to monitor moisture in laminated beams, structural components of buildings, in concrete and other hygroscopic materials.

With Cables, Pins and Screws

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 Used for monitoring out of reach areas in the building envelope anywhere, anytime: crawl spaces, floors, ceilings, attics, roofs, etc. 
Meter can be connected anytime to check on drying progress during restoration work or for leak surveillance after repairs are finished.

Used for material testing, where measurements are periodically taken from the same spot at the same measuring depth.




On-site Data Loggers


BL2 Data logger measures and records ambient conditions RH / Temp / DPT / GPP / EMC and has an audible and LED alarm built-in. Data logger uses precision, fast responding RH BluePeg probe from Lignomat. RH probe is removable and can be used with up to 50 ft of extension cable.

MC Tracker with BL2 records 3 moisture measuring points and ambient conditions RH RH / Temp / DPT / GPP / EMC. Wood moisture measurements are corrected for wood species and wood temperature. Other materials can be measures with the MC Tracker also, even if there is no specific calibration available for the material to be measured. Using the relative scales programmed in the Tracker, changes in moisture content become very obvious when using the relative scales.

Audible and LED alarms help to warn when conditions are outside the pre-set ranges. 




Wireless Transmitters


We offer transmitters for measuring moisture and temperature (internal and surface) in lumber and other solid materials. transmitters are also available for relative humidity and ambient temperature.

Applications include:

  •  Kiln monitor for any size and type of dry kiln and predryer
  • Internal temperature measurements mainly used for Pytosanitation heat treatment
  • Measuring relative humidity, ambient temperature and EMC
  • Restoration work after water and flood damage
  • Building maintenance and leak surveillance from crawl spaces to historic buildings
  • Quality testing of materials under changing ambient conditions
  • Any application, where moisture and humdity matter.



Lignomat is an industry leader in measuring moisture in wood accurately and reliably. This knowledge was combined with latest data processing technology to develop the on-site and wireless monitoring devices from moisture meters to data loggers to wireless measuring systems.

 Our good reputation is the best testimony.

Lignomat’s wireless probes have been in use for many years and have proven to give reliable measurements and withstand temperatures up to 185oF (85oC) at 100% relative humidity..

If you have a question about the equipment you need for your specific application, call 800-227-2105 or send an Email to

Why Lignomat?

The value of any measuring and data logging system depends on the accuracy of the measuring circuitry. We are experts in measuring moisture, relative humidity and temperature and we have the know-how and experience to manufacture accurate, reliable moisture measuring devices.The value of any measuring and data logging system depends on the stability of the measuring circuitry and the ability to adjust for the materials to be measured.

Outstanding measuring technology and experience in manufacturing top-quality moisture meters are the cornerstone for Lignomat’s wireless system and the BL2 data logger.

We provide outstanding customer-oriented service in helping you to select the right equipment for your application and once you own a Lignomat meter or data logger, you can still count on our expert advice. 

We manufacture quality moisture measuring devices. Our good rEmail:,