Ligno-VersaTec for Bamboo and other Materials

Pin and Pinless Mode:
The Ligno-VersaTec
 has specific calibrations for bamboo, domestic and tropical wood species, wall boards (standard drywall, water resistant backer boards, interior and exterior panels) and reference scales for concrete, stone, tile and other hard building materials.

We recommend the electrode E14 for bamboo. The electrode E14 is strong enough for hammering the pins into hard materials such as strand bamboo even concrete. See packages listed below.

  • Electrode E14 for measuring bamboo. Plus, its slim shape allows for measuring hard-to-reach problem areas in construction and restoration projects.
  • Electrode E12 for core measurements up to 2” deep in wood with insulated pins.
  • Electrode E16 for hard building materials such as concrete, tile, or stone.