0-Pinless Meter Advantage

0- Pinless Meters

Advantage: A large number of boards can be scanned quickly and no effort is needed to insert pins into hard wood. No pin holes are left, which is crucial when measuring finished products or wood floors. If measuring low moisture contents is part of the scope of the meter,  Lignomat’s pinless meters measure lower moisture contents in hardwoods than pin meters.

Measuring depth matters. To obtain accurate measurements, the measuring field has to be within the material to be measured.

Lignomat’s dual depth meters are the industry standard for pinless meters in the flooring and woodworking industry. Dual-depth allows measuring thinner and thicker products, engineered panels and floors. 



Pinless Meter Series: Select for dual-depth capabilities and materials to be measured. Consider combination meters BW and VersaTec which are used as pinless meters and Thermo-Hygrometers and for in-situ concrete moisture testing:

Ligno-Scanner S: 1/4” deep, for wood
Ligno-Scanner D: 3/4” deep, for wood
Ligno-Scanner SD: 1/4“ and 3/4” deep, for wood

Ligno-Scanner SDM:1/4“ and 3/4” deep, for wood, bamboo and building materials, drywall, concrete

Ligno-DuoTec BW: same as SDM, with option to add RH probe to use as hygrometer and for in-situ concrete moisture testing.

Ligno-VersaTec: combines the best pin-pinless-RH technologies. Same features as Ligno-DuoTec BW, but with option to add pin electrodes and extension cables.



View meters with RH Probe: 

Lignomat’s RH BluePeg probe is accurate from very low to very high relative humidity and has a short response time. The probe is detachable and comes with an extension cable.

If you wonder why wood shrinks, warps, cups or checks, measuring wood moisture and relative humidity is the key to understanding and preventing these moisture problems. A perfect addition to the Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec.



View meter packages for RH in-situ concrete testing 

RH BluePeg probes are reusable, removable and comply with latest ASTM F 2170 standard.

Advantages of the Lignomat system are a fail-proof, easy-connect cable with 3.5mm standard stereo plug and sleeves which provide an excellent seal to the concrete slab. The probes ID number appears on the display for easy tracking. Duration of test follows ASTM recommendations.

Packages with Ligno-VersaTec include also pin electrodes, a perfect combination for floor inspectors.



All our pinless meters have a built-in check and re-calibration feature to keep the calibration unchanged. Whether the meter is old or new, hot or cold, the calibration will stay for the life-time of the meter. 

If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply external calibration check blocks for pinless meters.

We manufacture quality moisture meters. Our good reputation is the best testimony. Select the pinless meter you need and if you have a question call 800-227-2105 or send an Email to sales@lignomat.com.