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Lignomat – Woodcraft Magazine April/May 2015

“How to Air-Dry Lumber” by Dave Boyt features the mini-Ligno moisture meter. Dave uses our meter to demonstrate monitoring his wood stacks when air-drying his lumber. Dave writes, ” For many projects, such as rustic furniture, air-dried stock ( around 12% MC) is good enough. If the design allows for shrinkage without damaging the wood or causing joints to loosen, you can use air-dried lumber. But for fine furniture, musical instruments, and other less tolerant projects, consider kiln drying the wood or drying it in a heated shop down to around 7% to 8%. For accurate monitoring, invest in a good moisture meter when air-drying wood. It lets you keep track of the MC of the wood you dry as well as the wood you buy. ”

Lignomat has a great selection of accurate, reliable and affordable moisture meters and solutions for monitoring wood stacks.

The M-11 package is one of our least expensive meters that comes with a cable and probe for monitoring wood stacks while drying. From there you can increase the amount of cables that you attach and the meter you purchase. Lignomat is also well known for kiln controls, and wireless monitoring systems.

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