Pulling Tool

The Pulling Tool is a specialized tool for the installation and removal of PK probes in wood core moisture measurements. It is specifically designed to perfectly install PK Probes in order to receive the most accurate measurements. In addition to easy installation, the Pulling Tool allows for quick and easy removal of PK Probes when measurements have been complete.

When using multiple PK Probes for core moisture measurements, the specialized pulling tool provides a safer and more efficient alternative to installation and removal by hand.

For larger quantity installation and removal of PK Probes, Lignomat recommends the Slide Hammer Pulling Tool for fastest and easiest use.

Pulling Tool is compatible with all PK Probes (PKA, PKB, PKC, PKD, PKE).

Item Number: K-PT


Product Description

The pulling tool is a tool used to place and remove all types of PK Probes for core moisture measurements.

For Probe Installation:

The pulling tool is fitted over the hexagonal top of the PK Probe and with a hammer, drives the PK Probe into the desired material correctly. When taking wood core moisture measurements, it is important that the PK Probe is installed correctly as to not alter the drying process. The tool ensures that the installation is perfect and the head of the probe is about 2mm above the board.

For Probe Removal:

When PK Probes are ready to be removed, the pulling tool is placed over the PK Probe and the pin is threaded through the tool and PK Probe. The PK Probe can then be corkscrewed out of the board.

When Handling a large number of PK Probes, Lignomat recommends purchasing the Slide Hammer Pulling Tool which allows for quicker installation and removal of PK Probes.


Stainless Steel 2 3/4″ x 3″

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