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Lignomat Powerpoint for testing Gypsum Boards for ASTM 1789

ASTMC1789-meeting Nov 17


Moisture meter for building materials

Lignomete K

The Lignometer K is a pin moisture meter for applications, where accuracy is expected to be at its best. This is a great lumber moisture meter features a wide moisture range (5-99)*. The moisture meter comes with 150 individualized correction settings to give accurate moisture percentages when measuring different wood species, bamboo and drywall.  For all other materials reference scales are built-in to give comparative measurements.

Reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation are outstanding. Unsurpassed accuracy is guaranteed even in the critical range below 8%.


Corrections are built-in for:

  • domestic and tropical wood species
  • OSB, sub floors, engineered floors
  • bamboo*
  • gypsum (3 scales for sheetrock wall board).
  • reference scales tailored to the products to be measured: wood composites, laminated panels, vinyl, textile, lightweight building materials and heavy building materials such as concrete tile, stone, etc.


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