Measuring Concrete Moisture

package with all parts necessary to measure the moistue in concrete: pin-pinless-insitu RH.

Complete Package Pin-Pinless-Insitu RH

The three methods for measuring concrete moisture are pin, pinless and in-situ RH. Measurements with pin attachments can reach up to 7″ deep. Pinless concrete moisture meters scan to a depth of 3/4″. Both methods allow instant evaluation of concrete moisture. When installing resilient floor coverings, both pin and pinless modes for measuring concrete moisture are not approved by the floor covering manufacturers to determine whether or not a floor can be installed. Check the floor manufacturer’s manual to find out, which test is required to guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Pinless measurements reach 3/4″ deep. Considering the thickness of a concrete slabs, the measurements only give information about moisture close to the surface.
  • Pin measurements can reach up to 7″ deep with EL pins. Two holes will have to be drilled. When drilling to different depth levels a moisture profile in the concrete slab can be established to a depth of 7″.
  • In-situ RH test for concrete moisture. All accessories are available for RH insitu probe testing to follow ASTM F2170. The test takes 24 hours.

The Ligno-VersaTec is the meter, which allows for all three modes when measuring moisture in concrete: Pin-Pinless-Insitu RH.