Measuring Bamboo with Pinless Meters

If you are looking for measuring bamboo with a pinless meter, Lignomat offers three meters:
Ligno-Scanners SDM, Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec. In addition to specific calibrations for bamboo, the meters have settings to correct for domestic and tropical wood species, engineered products, OSB, AdvanTech, sub floors and drywall. Choosing one of the settings will give moisture contents in percent. Reference scales are also pre-programmed for LVT and other engineered products, as well as concrete, stone, tile and other hard building materials. Ideal for floor installers and inspectors.

Measuring bamboo with pinless meters: Your best choice would be the Ligno-VersaTec, which can be used in pin and pinless mode. For pin mode add the electrode E14.